GG Mobile Mechanic – Mobile Mechanic Bakersfield, CA

BMW Service

We have the capability to work on BMW’s and many other foreign cars and although we are not an authorized service provider we can save you time and money by servicing your vehicle locally as we do have the equipment to do the diagnostics.

We Service All American Made Cars

We service a wide variety of vehicles and can save you a tremendous amount of money by not going to expensive car dealerships especially if your car warranty has expired.

Tire Rotation

Our standard advice is to rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to ensure maximum usage however check your owners manual for suggestions based on your make and model.

Located in Downtown Bakersfield

Our garage is located in Bakersfield at 324 Audrey ave Bakersfield, CA 93307 and has a good reputation with the community for providing quality service at affordable and fair prices!

We service older vehicles both foreign and American!

We can also work on many older vehicles both foreign and domestic ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly and kept in tip top shape prolonging the life of your transportation saving you money in the long run!